Parent Involvement Policy 2016-2017



SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017


Parents are involved in an organized, ongoing and timely way in the planning, review and improvement of the Parent Involvement Policy, Home-School Compact, and Title I Program.  The Title I Planning Team will review and update the policy and compact as needed.  A draft of the   policy and compact will be sent to all parents for their input.  The policy and compact drafts will also be presented at the Title I Annual Meeting for input.  The policy and compact will be finalized after all input has been gathered and the Title I Planning Team has reviewed and revised them as needed.  The compact will be sent to parents for their signature.  The effectiveness of the parent involvement policy will be evaluated annually through surveys or questionnaires.  Parents have access to the Title I Plan.  They may submit comments on the plan through the use of the school’s written procedure for responding to parents’ suggestions or by placing comments in the school’s Suggestion Box.  

The school will convene an annual meeting at a convenient time before the end of the first grading period to inform parents of

  • The school’s participation in the Title I program
  • The requirements of Title I 
  • Parents’ right to be involved in their children’s education.  

The school will offer a flexible number of meetings and parent trainings at convenient times for parents to participate, give suggestions and take part in decisions regarding the instructional program of the school.  The school will hold Open House, Coffee with the Principal, Instructional Nights and other events to provide parents with information about the Title I program and the school’s academic achievement.  If requested by parents, other opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and participate in decisions related to their children’s education will be provided.

The school will use Title I funds to provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request. The school will make every attempt to meet the needs of parents who make special requests.

The school will invite parents to participate in the development of the Title I Schoolwide Plan.  At least two parents participate on the Title I Planning Team.  Parents on the School Improvement Council and PTA Board will also be asked to provide input on the development of the plan also.

If a school has been identified as a Focus, Priority or Support school, parents will be asked to provide their input on the development of the improvement plan.  The Title I Planning Team will assist in the development of this plan.  All parents will have the opportunity to review the improvement plan and provide their feedback. 

Parents will receive timely information about the Title I program throughout the school year.  Information will be placed in the school newsletter.  Parents will receive an annual Title I newsletter.  Information will be shared at the Title I Annual Meeting.  The Title I plan is located in an easily accessible location in the school so parents and the public may review it at any time.

To assist parents in working with their children to improve their achievement, parents will be given the opportunity to participate in workshops and parent-teacher conferences where information about curriculum standards and school wide and annual assessments will be shared.  The school will conduct curriculum nights that focus on core content areas where parents will participate in interactive activities with their children.  Copies of the grade level standards will be provided. Additionally, tips and suggested activities will be provide on how parents can work with teachers and monitor their children’s progress.

To provide the opportunity for the full participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities and parents of migratory children, information related to school and parent programs, meetings and other activities will be sent to parents in a format and, to the extent practical, in a language parents understand.  Title I parent involvement funds may be used to translate the parent involvement policy, home school compact, Title I newsletter and other documents.  Title I funds may be used for translation services or to provide interpretation at school events.