Sophomore Timeline

10th Grade Planning Timeline


  • Get serious about your future! As you advance in grade level, so will the rigor. It is important to stay focus on your school work.
  • Challenge yourself by taking Honors or Advanced Placement Courses. The more advance courses you take the more it increases your chances of getting into the college of your choice.
  • Continue conversations with your school counselor or trusted adult about your career path.
  • Review transcript and current courses with your guidance counselor.
  • Seek additional help after school if needed.
  • Continue to build your resume.
  • Consider those factors that are important to you in choosing a college such as size, location, and availability.
  • Use Naviance to view colleges, majors, cost, etc.



  • Half ways through the school year so don’t slack off! Keep those grades up!
  • Start looking at courses for the Junior year. You may want to take an Honors course or an AP course.
  • Seek additional help after school if needed.
  • Continue extracurricular activities. *Colleges are looking for well-rounded students who are capable of maintaining their academics while participating in other activities.
  • If you have room in your schedule, consider a part-time job and a volunteer position.
  • Plan to involve yourself in academic programs offered at colleges during the summer. *Great way to learn about college life firsthand and a Great way to build your resume.
  • Keep Reading! The more you read, the stronger your verbal, writing, and critical thinking abilities will be.