Sarah Laskowski

Welcome to English!

sokka and aang

Have the words “I hate reading” ever come out of your face?  Have you ever felt like writing for your other classes just might kill you?  Would you like to impress people with how well you understand the world around you? 

Here in Ms. Laskowski's English class at St. John’s High School, we focus on filling your brain with the skills and abilities you’ll need to successfully adult.  We guarantee* that by the end of your course will be able to say “Why yes, I can brain today,” everyday, with confidence.

On this page, you’ll find all of the info you’ll need to understand what this class is about. Additionally, you’ll receive periodic updates on the plans for our class each week.

*Guarantee is contingent upon your personal effort and trust in your teacher, Ms. Laskowski

In the words of Kid President,

“You’re here. You take up space. You matter.Its just science.”

You matter to me, and that is why I have high expectations of you. I expect you to do great things in this class.  I expect you to have high expectations for yourself. 

Contact Information


Phone: 843-559-6400 Ext 20031

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 12:20pm, Tues-Thurs - 2:15 to 3:00pm

This Week's Updates & Assignments

  • English Essentials - We will be finishing our Summary and Movie Review project soon, and then we will review for a test on parts of speech and summary (RL.6 and W.4)
  • AVID - We are focusing our efforts on Math and Spanish class right now, taking good notes and annotating them properly.
  • English 2 - We are busy solving a murder case using all different types of texts to discover the plot.