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Foundations of Algebra 1  *  Intermediate Algebra  *  Algebra 2

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I am happy to be here at St. John's High School! I love math and hope to share that love with the Mighty Islanders! I got my undergraduate degree in Education from the College of Charleston and my Masters Degree in Education with a Major in Mathematics from the Citadel. I hope to continue my own education as I pass the love of math and learning onto others! I am looking for a 100% mastery and pass rate this year! Anchor Down! 


Contact Information

After School Math Help: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:25-3pm

Chapter Outlines

See your students Chapter Outline for a list of assignments that go with each chapter. Students get a grade for homework by writing answers down on an index card and turning it in to be graded. Students may submit late homework for partial credit. All chapter assignments are submitted to be checked for completion on the day of the test for a Notebook Grade. Taking notes, doing examples and completing practice assignments are what make students successful in mathematics. 

Resources  -textbook website

Foundations and Intermediate: Username-  algebra1770     Password- m2s7u

Algebra 2: Username- algebra1760   Password- a8x7z